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 Powers of class

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PostSubject: Powers of class   Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:08 pm

There are some, and few, humans gifted with abilities beyond the realm of normal human ability. As a hunter you will be exposed to many a thing that could possibly alter you perception and even what makes you human. The longer you are alive and active in the hunting community the more likely you are to be affected by these things. Three categories are used to classify where these abilities originated and spectrum of power. These are Physic, Demon Blood, and Grace.

Psychic: Do you ever know what someone is going to say what before they say it? Perhaps you made a pencil move without touching it. Or you pick up people’s emotions. You have experienced Déjà vu. You have experienced Déjà vu. If any of the preceding describe what you have recently noticed odds are you are Physic.

As a Physic you will have one major or “Focused” ability along with a few extras that come in the goodie bag of ESP. In general Physics are more in tune with the supernatural world. In fact some have argued they are part of it. This means you will be able to sense Demons, Ghosts, Angels and other creatures at least more than the regular human, most of the time this manifests as a gut feeling. You are more likely to be able to communicate with ghosts and cast spells.

Focused powers are as follows:

Empathy: The ability to sense the emotions of others. More advanced Empaths can even effect or control the emotions of others. This power can have damaging effects on the user if it is not managed.

Foresight: Receiving glimpses of the near or distant future. Traditionally someone with Foresight can only see one or the other. Some are more keyed onto dramatic events such as violent deaths. Predictions are usually random happenings and often come in dreams. It is a helpful ability for hunters but difficult to control, few rarely ever master. One the other hand this power is the least problematic for the user, the side effects are most commonly several headaches and sensitivity to light during or after visions.

Mind Reading: The ability to hear individual’s thoughts. One of the more difficult powers to develop. An unpracticed Reader is obvious to spot when they are trying to hear thoughts, they look constipated. If a Reader is skilled they can even persuade an individual’s thoughts.

Telekinesis: Movement of objects, this is usually one of the harder abilities to develop. It is neither extremely precise nor powerful.

Demon Blood: Someone somewhere made a deal with a very bad thing, primarily a demon. It could have been you or someone close to you but either way you are stuck with this dark power. The purpose for why you were tainted is most likely a mystery.

Demon blood though having risks has it’s blessings. You will be able to sense dark spirits and demons even stronger than a Physic would. Also, when a person is lying, or has ill intentions, you may be able sense this as well. Unfortunately this power has a tendency of corrupting the users, in some cases this leads to homicidal or sociopathic tendencies, worst cases become just as bad as demons.

Focused powers:

Dark Telekinesis: Using a demonic source to move objects. Typically this ability is brute force, excellent for throwing people and pinning them against walls. Powerful users can trap demons in their host bodies preventing them from escape.

Manipulation: The power of persuasion. Can trick or force people into revealing information or doing something for them. Works best on the weak minded, hunters are harder and someone in practice can even force a demon to speak the truth.

Exorcism: Can force a demon back into hell. With practice this can be achieved without killing the host. There have even been accounts of experienced users can even kill the demon.

Grace: How someone comes in contact with Grace is somewhat of a mystery. There are several theories in existence but none have been proven. Other than a few faithful hunters, Fallen Angels also have some semblance of Grace still within them.

Grace comes from the ultimate good and the abilities stem from there (even if how they are used is, questionable). As with Demon Blood sensing evil, people with Grace can sense Angels and other agents of good. Your presence tends to make people trust you and tell the truth. The Angels communications (dubbed Angel Radio) is also audible for you, but you are unable to place your impute your own opinions on the frequency. If you can deal with this all hours of the day everyday without going insane, it is very helpful.

Focused powers:

Light Telekinesis: Form of moving objects with mind. This kind of telekinesis is very precise. Not the most powerful type of telekinesis but the most controllable.

Tongues: A User can understand multiple languages without having studied them. This usually manifests with understanding a speaker. Some Users can even manage to speak the languages as well. Reading is the hardest aspect to acquire. Draw backs are usually limited to suddenly finding yourself speaking in different languages at random. Fun at parties, bad for business.

Alomancy: The ability to cast salt into the air and reading the patterns. Method of getting a glimpse of the future. Unfortunately the readings are subject to opinion of the Reader.

Exorcism: By placing a hand on the forehead of a demon possessed host, can send it back to hell. Host typically dies. Can eventually kill the demon.

Flight: In a way more like teleportation. Can transport the user a short distance quickly. The process is unpredictable, dangerous and extremely hard to control. There is always the risk of teleportation into something. At first User can only travel a few feet, the most distance recorded by a skilled User was five miles.
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Powers of class
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