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PostSubject: Creatures    Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:09 pm

This is a list of all the monsters you may encounter in the supernatural world, and how to dispose of them. This is for reference for each member of the site, if for instance you can't remember what it takes to kill a wendigo. Make use of this guide, and you shouldn't be too lost.

Wendigos are wood-dewling creatures that survive by eating the flesh of human beings. They are immortal and hibernate for years at a time, and survive these hibernations by storing live humans in a cave until they are needed. Wendigos were originally men, who became trapped in the woods during a storm, and were forced to eat their fellow townspeople. Eating the flesh of humans can give special powers, such as mmortality, increased speed and strength, and so if you eat enough of it you become something else, a wendigo. To kill a wendigo, you have to set it on fire.

The shapeshifter can not only take on the appearance of a human, but the longer it stays in that "skin" it gets the original memories of the person it is replicating. It must keep the original person alive to maintain the psycic connection to them. The only way to identify a shapeshifter from the original person is the eyes. A shapeshifter has silver eyes. When changing shapes the shapeshifter must go through a painful sheding of the current skin, and then transform into the new one. You kill a shapeshifter by shooting it with a silver bullet in the heart.

Vampires are creatures that were once human but have been infected with vampire blood. Vampires are not repelled by crosses or garlic, sunlight and a stake through the heart will not kill them. The only way to kill a vampire is to behead them. Most vampires sleep during the day, and have an insatiable bloodlust. They look human until they come to feed, when a second set of fangs decend. Vampires are also poisoned by being infected with Dead Mans Blood.

Every culture has its own legends about reapers, or the grim reaper. They are the only creatures that can control life and death. They cannot be killed or stopped, and can only be seen by the person they are coming to take. Reapers can be controlled by very old and very dark magic, a cross and alter are needed in order to control one. Once the alter and cross are destroyed, the Reaper is free to take whome it wants to, and will probably take the person who has been controling it. Reapers can also affect reality and human perception, making themselves look however they want to.

A Tulpa is a Tibetan thought form. Tulpa's are created by using a Tibetan spirit sigil symbol, and the power of belief. If enough people focus on an idea, and belive in it the Tulpa will come to life. Once the idea has been created, a Tulpa takes on the life of its own.

A Shtriga is an Albanian witch that feeds on 'spiritous vitae' of life's breath. Shtrigas prefer to feed on children, as their life-force is stronger than that of an adult. Once it feeds on a child, the child's immune system begins to shut down, and the child falls into a coma, and eventually dies. The Shtriga is immortal and invunerable to all weapons exept when it feeds, and is in disguise during the day.

Rakshasas are creatures of Hindu origin which can appear in human form. They feed on human flesh and can make themselves invisible. They cannot enter a home without first being invited, and their human forms do not age, and are invunerable to most weapons and they must be killed with a dagger made from pure brass. They sleep on a bed of dead insects and feed every 20 to 30 years.

Werewolves turn into a human-form, bloodthirsty monster with increased strength and agility, along with canine like teeth and claws, rather than a wolf itself. It is triggered by the moon, and in order to turn, the werewolf must first be sleeping. After the person has turned, once they turn back they do not remember any of the events which took place in their werewolf form. There is no cure for someone who has become a werewolf, and the way to kill a werewolf is a silver bullet to the heat.

A Changeling is a creature that can take the form of a human child. A mother Changeling controls the actions of the child Changelings, and steals the real children from families, keeping them alive and feeding from them. The Changelings take their place, feeding from the human mothers (feeding on their synovial fluid). The human mothers eventually waste away, and anyone who comes between the changeling and their human mother is killed. The true appearance of a changelingincludes a dead looking face, with slimy skin, hollowed eyes and mouth with many sharp teeth. This can be seen in the Chanelings reflection. To kill a changeling, you must kill the Mother; to do this, you have to set them on fire.

The Trickster is a God, an immortal creature who has the ability to alter reality, and thrives on bringing people who think too highly of themselves down. The Trickster feeds on sweets and consumes a lot of calories due to its increased metabolism. To kill a Trickster, it must be stabed with a steak dipped in the blood of its victims.

Witches are humans who sell their souls to be taught the craft. Usually a demon will integrate itself into the human life, and form a coven. The demon will then tempt these women with the gift of magic, usually to allow them to get what they desire, in exchange for their souls. The humans who sell their souls to the demon then go to Hell, and later become demons themselves. Witches are humans and can be killed by human methods, but they have the power to kill people remotely using curse bags hidden some where near the victim.

Daeavas are Zoroastrian shadow demons. They can be called and controlled using an alter and a Zoroastrian symbol. Daeavas are actually invisible demons, the shadow of which is the only part visible. They kill by ripping the heart out of their victim. When the blood splatters from the body, it falls into the symbol used to call them. Daeavas do not like to be controlled and will turn on their master once the control is broken. Daeavas are hard to kill, but one way to banish them for a short amount of time is to create a bright light, such as setting off a flair.

A Djinn is a form of Genie from Arabian mythology that grants a person's innermost wish by touching them. The person does not even have to say the wish aloud. Once the wish has been granted, the victim falls into a dream-like state where they belive this dream world to be reality, the Djinn keeps them in this state while it feeds off of their blood. To kill a Djinn, you must use a Silver weapon dipped in Lambs blood.

Evil spirits that haunt family homes, poltergeists cause flickering lights, scratching noises and move objects when no one is around. A poltergeist will not rest until the family in the house it is haunting are dead. To banish a poltergeist, you need to place a mixture of herbs into the 4 corners of the house.

Very much the living dead, Zombies are reanimated corpses through the use of ancient magic and incantations. The zombies go on having a mind and conscience of their own. In order to kill a zombie, you must nail it back into its coffin.

Demons are your standard issue hell spawn. Several ranks exist, distinguishable by the color of their eyes. Known colors include black (lowest level known), red (usually crossroads demons that make deals), yellow, and white (higher power level of known levels). Holy water and salt are able to ward them off, and only few methods of actually killing the demon exist. These include demon-killing knives, angel knives, and supernatural powers. Exorcisms can dispel the demon from the host body and send it back to Hell if done correctly.

Many believe that ghosts are harmless, but they can be very much real. Ghosts are the apparition of a person bound to this world for whatever reason--grieving, revenge, protectors--and can be the most dangerous. Rock salt shots or iron are ways to make them vanish, but only temporarily. To defeat a ghost, you must find what is binding it to the world still, which is usually some sort of biological remains, but can also be an object or person--can salt and burn the remains.

Wraiths are dangerous creatures that hide in the guise of humans. They can make a person crazy using a venom of sorts that is passed directly through touch, in many cases saliva, that makes the victim crazy. Wraiths have a long nail that is hidden when they're in complete disguise, and it is used to feed off of the brain of a person. To kill a wraith, you must use silver and attack the heart. Silver also makes their skin burn.

A Rugaru is a flesh-eating monster that starts human and transforms into a demon that eventually seeks out human flesh. Once they get a bite of human flesh, they transform forever. To kill a Ruguru, you must torch them.

Ghouls are supernatural creatures that scavenge on the dead, feeding on the bodies of whoever they manage to kill. They are able to take the form of the last person they killed, which can make finding them a little tricky. Silver burns their skin, but the way to kill them is a headshot.

Pagan Gods--
There are hundreds of Pagan gods, all with their own lore. The only way to know what you're dealing with and how to defeat it is to research that specific god.

Sirens are creatures of Greek mythology that tempt men. In modern day terms, they trick men into killing their lovers, saying that they must rid themselves of such people in order to be with the Siren forever. After that, many of the victims end up dead themselves. They poison their victims with saliva, in the form of a kiss, or a shared drink, and cast a spell over their mark. They can be killed with a brass knife.

There is lore about Alphas, or the original form of a creature--the first shape shifter, the first vampire. However they were made, these were the creatures that began the population of their race. They are by far way more powerful both physically and in whatever form their general power is. For example, rather than a shifter shedding its skin, the Alpha shifter can change in an instant without shedding. How to kill them is fuzzy, and finding one is even more of a rarity.
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