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Join us in a Super Natural Experience . Will be the prey or the Hunter.
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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:23 pm

In order for things to run smoothly on the site, and for us to follow the Proboards guidelines on a larger scale, a series of rules are in place. Give them a quick read-over and keep them in mind during your time on the site.

Supernatural: Unforgiven is considered among the admins and current members to be an intermediate to advanced RPG site. This means that at minimum your posts should be at least two paragraphs in length, with 6-8 sentences in each. While we understand that you might be new to role-playing or writing, please try to meet this minimum, and surpass it on a regular basis. DO NOT START POSTING UNTIL YOUR CHARACTER IS ACCEPTED.

Grammar is a must on the site, outside of dialogue. In addition to being intermediate to advanced, this is also a literate RPG, which means to leet speak, shortcuts, or anything else related to those. It might be okay for abbreviations in the Cbox, but that’s about it.

To create a character, register an account with us, and then find the application form (Located in the “Character Application” section of the site). You must fill out every part of the application, unless something does not apply to you. You may post your application with the tag “[WIP]” in the thread title area if you are not finished, and need to work on it later. All completed applications must go in the “Pending Applications” area, and all accepted will be moved to their own thread.

You can create as many characters as you can manage, just be sure that all of them stay active.

Please be original with your characters. Don’t steal a personality from a book, movie, or television show, and change the name.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll:
We’re writers, and we’re human, so we get it; characters are going to have flings with other characters. Some like alcohol, and sometimes a character’s history just merits its use. If there are any issues, please contact an admin.

God-Modding is controlling another character, their actions, their responses, or anything else without the user’s permission. Your character cannot kill or harm another without permission. Even more, you cannot have the perfect character that never takes a hit, and never loses. If you god-mod, you will be warned and the post will need to be changed.

Do not make your graphics so large that they stretch the page. If you graphics stretch the page, they will be resized by an admin. Avatars need to be 100x100, and no nudity or other such images are allowed.

Please do not start using images until your face claim has been accepted. Actors from the show are not to be used, they are reserved as NPC’s.

The characters from the show are NPC, and will be played by an admin or mod unless permission has been granted by one of the staff members. Characters made that are related to characters on the show are not allowed either.

You are able to make deals in this site. Only Red Eye Demons are allowed to make deals and they make them in the cross roads. They will decide how long you have left to live. It has to be between one to ten years. For every year you have multiply it by five. This will be the number of posts you have left to live. The posts have to be from after you made the deal, so anything before that will not count. Once your time is up, then you go to hell. Also, other people can make deals to save you from your own. The problem with that is someone has to want to save you, and a RED has to want to switch victims. After you made a deal, make sure to post it in Deal. This way, the staff members are able to keep track of how long you have left to live. Have fun with your remaining days of life.

Keep any problems OOC and off the site. This doesn’t mean that if a post angers you that you can message the person and curse them out. Remember that this is all imaginary, and people may not respond the way you would like them to. If you feel you need an admin to aid in a problem, message us, and we will take both sides into consideration before a decision is made.


Have fun! That is what this site was intended for. Please no spamming, or advertising your other sites. We have specific boards for such things, so please post accordingly. If you need any help or have any suggestions, please contact an admin and we would be glad to listen.
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Site Rules
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